The nature of our rivers and the steep gradient of the country's topography provide ideal conditions for the development of hydropower. Theoretical hydropower potential of the country in terms of electrical energy is 5500 GWh with potential for building 406 small to large facilities across the country.
Small hydro plants have been and remain priority for Macedonia, which offers one of the most attractive investment opportunities in the region; with competitive feed-in tariffs, low construction and labour costs, low corporate and personal income tax and an attractive return on investment. To date, Macedonia has seen 30 small hydropower plant investments of which 16 are already operational and 14 others should be completed in the next few months.

It is essential that any organisation operating in this sector has sound legal advice from experts who fully understand the in-depth legal issues as well as the commercial challenges and constraints.
Anyone wishing to invest in renewable enegery project - hydropower plants is required to provide complete documentation and to follow several procedures specifically regulated with the Energy Law and bylaws.

The legal framework for renewable energy in Republic of Macedonia is consisted of:

  • Energy Law
  • Strategy for Energy Development
  • Strategy for using renewable energy sources
  • Rules for Renewable Energy Sources
  • Preferential tariffs

  • Before establishing an electricity production company, we advise all our clients to prepare a plan and file an application to the Central Registry with documentation for managers, plan for urbanization of land and building permits. The Energy Agency will review the whole process and provide a status of temporary solution for gaining status feed-in tariff and enter the register of building plants.

    We have considerable experience in renewable energy projects where we pride ourselves on being able to offer a comprehensive legal advice from project inception to project implementation.

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