When you intend to start-up a company for a new business venture or an existing business, you will need expert legal advice and assistance to ensure that the company is formed in a way which meets your specific business needs.

Beleshkova Law Office can provide the legal advice that you need on several issues, including registering a company, employment law, drafting necessary foundation acts and decisions, assisting on sourcing and buying offices.
Our solicitors, managed by partner and owner Benita Beleshkova will work closely with you and your accountants to ensure that you receive the best legal advice possible so that your business is incorporated and organised in ways that are both effective and tax efficient.

Business entities which can be established by foreign entities are as follows:

  • Limited Liability Company
  • Single-Member Limited Liability Company
  • Joint venture
  • Joint Stock Company

  • In addition, foreign companies can open branches in Macedonia, as well as Representative Offices to carry out non-income generating activities and craftsmanship.
    Macedonia introduced a one-stop-shop system that enables potential investors to register their businesses within a day (period of 4 hours). Interested party can register a company in Macedonia by visiting one office, obtaining the information from a single place, and addressing one employee. With the development of new services, company registration will also be available online.
    Advantages offered by the new system include reduction of administrative barriers and access to information on potential business partners.
    The Central Register of Macedonia hosts an easily accessible database of companies, which is connected with the European Business Register thereby enabling economic entities to have access to substantial and accurate data on potential business partners. Unambiguous identification of companies is provided by granting a unique registration number of registered entities, a code and title of the registered main activity according to the National classification of activities, a code of the organizational form of the registered entity, a provision of a unique tax number, and entry of a bank account chosen by the registered entity.
    More information on business registration documentation and procedures is available at Central Registry web-site (http://www.crm.com.mk).
    In addition to the registration of all business activities as stipulated by the Company Law, some business activities must obtain additional working licenses or permits before starting their operations. For the companies operating in these fields, the registration process is followed by a licensing process with the relevant authorities covering the matter of licenses and/or permits in their respective business area.
    We can advise company owners of the precise formalities involved in the day-to-day running of their business, or advise shareholders on whether the company has correctly followed the relevant procedure.

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