We understand the many and varied challenges that businesses face when doing business in a foreign country.We have the necessary skills to assist you during your initial set-up and in your ongoing legal requirements with our generation of experience working with market leading organisations.

Along with one of the lowest corporate tax rates in Europe, there are many additional benefits that make Macedonia attractive for foreign investors and companies to locate operations in Macedonia:

  • Excellent location and infrastructure
  • Skilled and cost competitive labor force
  • Very low taxes and rates
  • Appropriate legal framework for protection of foreign investors interests

  • Investors considering to invest, collaborate or base their operations in Macedonia should seek legal advice from a local law firm that has understanding of the needs of foreign investors and the legal framework in Macedonia.

    Beleshkova Liaw Office has 10 year long experience in working with foreign investors operating in a wide range of markets, including financial services, manufacturing, computer and technology, agriculture, energy and environmental.

    Below is a list of some of the practice area we cover.

    Regulation of business

    Market freedom, the freedom of entrepreneurial activity, as well as property rights are fundamental values outlined in the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia.

    The Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia guarantees an investor’s right to property. No person may be deprived of their property or the rights deriving from it, unless the use of that property affects the general welfare of the public. Foreign investors may acquire property rights for buildings and for other immovable assets to be used for their business activities, as well as full ownership rights over construction land through a locally registered company. If the property is expropriated or restricted, rightful compensation of its market value is guaranteed.
    The Company Law is the primary law regulating business activity in Macedonia. It defines the types of companies, as well as the procedures and regulations for their establishment and operations. Foreign investors receive the same treatment as local companies and therefore do not need any special approvals.

    Acquiring property

    Foreign companies and foreign citizens can directly own construction land in Macedonia. If the foreign company registers a local company according to Macedonian law, it can acquire land with full ownership rights similar to a domestic company.

    The State Authority for Geodetic Works maintains authoritative data regarding land ownership. The State Authority for Geodetic Works (www.katastar.gov.mk) is an independent body in charge of conducting geodetic works and registering real estate rights. It operates through regional offices located in 29 cities throughout the country and the head office in Skopje. The registration of real estate rights in the real estate cadastre is compulsory and is done ex officio or at the request of the client.
    Concession The Ministry of Transport and Communications can grant concessions to land of general concern to the state following a public bidding process.
    The Ministry of Economy of Macedonia regulates concessions over exploration of national mineral and geological resources. For more information please consult the Ministry website (www.economy.gov.mk)
    Right to Long-term Lease The right to long-term lease of construction land may be established to the benefit of domestic and foreign private individuals and legal entities. The construction land is leased for a maximum period of 99 years through a public bidding process.

    For more information please consult the website of the Ministry of Transport (www.mtc.gov.mk)

    Work and visas

    Foreign investors can easily establish employment in the Republic of Macedonia, after obtaining an appropriate visa or permit from the Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, i.e. Diplomatic-consular offices abroad. EU nationals may enter the Republic of Macedonia presenting a valid identity card issued by the competent authorities of the EU member-states or of the state-parties to the Schengen agreement.

    Type of visas: (Entry visa; Business visa; Employment visa)
    Types of permits: (Work Permit; Residence Permit)

    Detailed Visas/Permits requirements and procedure information can be found (www.mfa.gov.mk).


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